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“My wings will take me where I have never been...
and my eyes will be those of the heart.

Taken from the poem "The Essence of the Butterfly" by Federica Terrida



Life can be both beauty and poetry and, like the words of a poem, our concept moves between yoga and holistic fashion with a refined elegance.
For us, Yoga is not just a discipline but it’s a promise of love that we make to ourselves, a form of thought and action oriented to the well-being of body and mind, leading us to beauty and selfcare, smiling and loving life, being reborn every day with a new and deeper light.
When we love ourselves we are able to make choices that are in harmony with our body and our emotions, we know how to see our intentions, generating respect for those close to us and gratitude for what our planet gives us every day: Mother Earth.
Loving ourselves is a talent that we can acquire and our mantra is: Love and Thank You in all the languages of the world.



The world of Lovewaves is a harmonious world, created by people who know how to love the deepest essence of life, and how to cultivate their energy and vitality, generating contagious joy. A world where there is respect and love for oneself, for others and for nature.


our mission 


Love, Energy, Creativity are the main ingredient to build Grace, Beauty and Wellness inside and outside ourselves. 


The mission of Lovewaves is realised every time we choose

to be happier, healthier and more joyful.


Lovewaves are, in fact, the waves of life that lead us to listen

to our body, our emotions and our soul at one with nature

and harmony.


Lovewaves is the vision of a future full of wellness, created through the words of a poem, the practice of yoga, meditation, the choice of one's own colour with its corresponding energy and the immersion in nature.


our vision

We like to think that "Loving ourselves is a talent that can be acquired, it is a feeling generated by small choices that lead us to big results". Valuable and invigorating details that, however small, lead to the generation of a conscious way of life that helps us every day to discover the best version of ourselves.

Choosing Lovewaves and the YogaSuit means deciding to give a new impetus to your life. The colours we choose reflect the energy we want to put into our yoga or meditation practice. The shapes and patterns we create are designed to ensure lightness of body and freedom.



Upcycling is one of the smartest ways to give a new life to unused materials and to safeguard our planet, but it is also an expression of creativity. Transforming materials for which water and energy have already been consumed means being able to save these important resources and still create something useful, beautiful and a boost to the BlueEconomy.

Lovewaves has its production headquarters in the Veneto region, because the brand's philosophy consider extremely important the artisan and industrial links with the surrounding area, which boasts decades of textile art and creativity.

The design of Yogasuit has a unique form: it is inspired by the fusionof East and West and seeks a balance of form and femininity.

The fit and the quality of the fabrics proposed will adapt and enhance any body type: Yogasuit is the perfect suit for yoga because it allows harmonious, free and light movements.

Each model is developed in one size, made in fluid shapes and with

fresh and soft fabrics that the artisans have created with care and

love, making unique garments.


coulor and energy


Among the inspirational elements of Lovewaves there is Aura-Soma®, an energy system made up of colours, plants and crystals: a true colour therapy. It’s a way for identifying one's own aptitudes and needs, helping each of us to point out the best version of ourselves.


Who wear a Yogasuit energise his\her own practice, thanks to the power transmitted by the chosen colour.

Each suit is vaporised with a pomander or quintessence from the Aura-Soma® set and to emphasize this connection and inspiration, we show Aura-Soma®'s equilibrium bottles through our communication channels.

The choice of the clothes colour corresponds to a particular energy that we want to know.

In order to bring with us the frequency of the colour and the energy associated with it, we have created necklaces with Aura-Soma® light pen vials. The choice of colours and fragrances is linked to three types of energy: Unconditional Love, Wise Love and Creativity.

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